A Plus is a digital media company founded by actor and technology investor Ashton Kutcher. When I started, it was a small startup that had grown out of Ashton’s kitchen and into a WeWork. Our goal was to share stories that could make a positive impact. Sometimes that meant uncovering the hopeful stories during horrible tragedies. Other times it meant sharing funny videos or inspiring lifestyle content.

If you’ve ever worked at a startup, it probably won’t surprise you that I had the opportunity to do a ton of different things at A Plus. Here's a few. 


I wrote at least 15 articles a week. That’s over 2,000 articles in just three years. I was the top traffic driver for nearly all of my time at A Plus, bringing in at least 700,000 to 1M page views each week.

Content Series

I created several original content series ideas for A Plus. My favorites include:

Fashion Rule Breakers

I profiled designers, models, organizations, and icons who act outside mainstream fashion industry standards to make a positive difference.

WTF Is It and Should You Try It?

In this series, I took a closer look at the lifestyle trends taking over my news feed to find out whether they were worth the hype.

Family Run

I profiled amazing families who are working together to make positive contributions to the world—and strengthening their family bonds in the process.

Branded content

Branded content is an article, video, or other piece of content that is created in collaboration with an advertiser. I worked with our sales team to conceptualize, develop, and edit our branded content. Our clients included Walgreens, Tropicana, Strayer University, and more.

Social media

I worked with our social media editor to create original social concepts and schedule our posts on Facebook and Twitter. Before we had a video team, I created social videos based on evergreen articles that we knew our audience loved. I also spearheaded the launch of our first private Facebook group, Parenting Differently Together. The group is a place for parents of kids with special needs to share tips, resources, and stories about their experiences.

Over my three years of working on our Facebook page, our following grew from less than 430,000 to over 2.6M.


I had the opportunity to work with our producer on our first videos throughout the conceptualizing, filming, editing, and promoting stages. I helped develop video concepts, served as a production assistant on set, and shared feedback on edits. 

Our very first video—You’re More Successful Than You Realize—was an instant viral hit and amassed over 1M views overnight. (It’s currently up to over 9M!)