Hi, I’m Ari.

I'm a writer and content strategist born and based in New York City.

What does that mean?
I use words to make an impact. (And I have strong feelings about pizza, the subway, and why you’re standing “on line.”)

No but really, what do you do?
Content can come in many forms—text, video, audio, or images. It includes all the articles, photos, videos, podcasts, emails, and memes you consume every day.

It’s my job to make that content clear, compelling, and tailored to a company’s target audience. I make sure it effectively educates or entertains that audience. I also strategize the best way to get it in front of them in the first place.

Put more simply: I plan, write, and edit things.

Where do you work now?
I'm a deputy editor at Google. I develop, write, and edit stories about Google news, products, and people. I’m also a freelance journalist.

How’d you get that job?
My background includes developing editorial, social, and video initiatives for both start-ups and legacy brands. 

Did you just interview yourself? 
I sure did. 

Want to work together?
Let's talk.